Oral Surgeon Jackson MS

Understanding Oral Surgery and How To Choose The Right Oral Surgeon In Jackson Mississippi

Oral Surgery Jackson MS

Understanding Oral Surgery And Its Purpose

Oral surgery is one of the branches of dentistry that involves diagnosis and treatment of a range of conditions affecting the mouth, jaw and the associated structures. An oral surgeon in Jackson Mississippi is a dentist who has received additional training and education on oral surgery procedures. The most common oral surgery procedures include wisdom tooth extraction, dental implant placement, oral biopsies, as well as corrective jaw surgery.

The aim for oral surgery is to improve patients’ oral health and function, and to enhance their overall well-being. In some cases, oral surgery may also enhance the appearance of your smile. The precise approach taken in each situation will differ based on the individual needs and goals for the individual patient. In the end, oral surgery can have an impact that is significant on the health of patients suffering from oral health issues.

What Is Oral Surgery Jackson Mississippi?

Oral surgery, also known as Maxillofacial Surgery in Jackson MS encompasses a wide range of procedures that are performed to treat various conditions and disorders that affect the jaw, mouth, and other areas around it. The most popular kinds of oral surgeries are wisdom teeth extractions, implant placement, orthognathic surgery, root canals (to fix jaw alignment) as well as reconstructive surgery after trauma to the face or cancer treatment, cleft palate repair the salivary gland, and the treatment of temporomandibular diseases (TMD).

What Are The Varrious Kinds Of Oral Surgery Procedures In Jackson Mississippi?

One of the main benefits when choosing the services of an Jackson Mississippi oral surgeon is that they are trained in every aspect of surgical procedures pertaining to the mouth and surrounding areas. The most popular kinds procedures oral surgery procedures include:

Wisdom Tooth Extractions Jackson Mississippi:

Also called third molar extractions, wisdom teeth removal is a relatively common procedure performed by oral surgeons in order to remove damaged or impacted wisdom teeth from the mouth.

Dental Implant Placement: Jackson Mississippi

Implants for dental implants are artificial tooth roots surgically placed in the jawbone to support prosthetic restorations such as bridges, crowns, or dentures. Oral surgeons are extremely skilled at placing dental implants and have extensive experience with various implant methods.

Jaw Surgery Jackson Mississippi:

Oral surgeons near Jackson Mississippi are also certified to perform corrective and reconstructive jaw surgeries. These procedures are used to treat a range of ailments that impact the function or alignment of the jaw. The procedures can involve orthognathic surgery (jaw realignment) or TMJ surgery for TMD treatment.

Repairs OF Facial Trauma Jackson Mississippi:

Oral surgeons are proficient in the repair of damage to facial bones that are caused by injuries or accidents by using techniques like wiring fractured jaws together as well as grafting fragments of bone from other body parts to repair tissues that are missing.


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